Not Everything on the iPad is An Easy Drink - Share on OviIf you like everything about the iPhone and iPad and can’t stand it when someone desecrates your opinions. Come back to this site another to read. To the rest of you, I know you feel me.

Let me preface this with one thing – I don’t use that many apps, so literally, my impressions of the platform are about as based on a vanilla experience as they can be.

The Browser

Why is it that when I open a new page, that I…

  1. …have to tap the Bookmarks button to see the link I’ve already saved and usually want to visit – have Apple’s folks seen Opera’s Speed Dial?
  2. …have to move the cursor from the search box to the URL box to type a URL – combine the two, one box does both equally well as we’ve seen with Firefox?

Why are the primary controls (URL bar, buttons, etc.) locked to the top of the screen? Its a tablet, these need to be closer to my thumbs – and then move automatically when the keyboard comes up.

Would be nice if applications (thinking like Evernote and Dropbox) were able to add to the context menu when you tap and hold on an item/link on a page to have the URL or item sent directly to those services.

Why is it that in an irregular fashion, going back to a tab (window that’s open) automatically refreshes it. Totally kills when I’m reading on Google Reader and go from there to another page, only to come back and lose my place on the entry that I had open.


Why is it that I need to download an image into Photos before I can use it as a background? Since the 4.2 update, I’ve got all of three pictures saved on my iPad – but several in various accounts online that I’d love to be able to use if I didn’t have to download them first.

Why is it that I’m limited only to photos that I sync or manually download? What ever happened to being able to also pull in (via RSS perhaps) the other photo galleries which I own or would like to see. I don’t need to have the pictures saved locally, but would be great to at least not need to go to another app or website for them.

Maps and Video

Maps is great, the fact that it can take a while to cache the bitmaps isn’t. Hope the iPad gets the vector-based version.

Can say the same for YouTube, the app could be a lot more efficient – and Google’s already updated several things in.

Speaking of YouTube, why wasn’t Videos merged with YouTube, or at least YouTube made a channel in the Videos app. Two icons, same functionality even though they might not have the same content.

Mail and Notes

Can’t accept a meeting request through GMail in Mail to the Calendar. I can add the appointment, but that’s a default acceptance. That doesn’t help when I get a lot of “maybe” responses to some proposed events.

Notes is appalling. Tactilis is a great replacement, Apple should by them and make that change in the next update.

General Stuff

Wish I could delete default apps I don’t use – though they are sitting in a folder now call Unused.

Search is great, but only from the homescreen isn’t.

I want the button control to lock the screen rotation, I don’t use it anymore now that its hidden, and that bugs me.

I don’t use iTunes/iPod – would if last.fm could plug-into it and play my content (fat chance).

Yup, that’s all. Otherwise I’m good until something better comes.

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