Business Card v1.8

Business Card v1.8 - Share on OviContinuing with the steady updates and lessons behind my landing page/business card, I’ve made a few updates making necessary a note for this new edition – Version 1.8.

The first noticeable change has to do with the look. I’ve tweaked the borders and some of the accent colors to pull a bit more polish on this. Instead of the orange (#F90), its now dark green (#063) and silver (#CCC). Text has gone green instead of black.

The card was given an absolute width – rather than the max.min approach that I was doing before. These might need to get smaller if I add any more, it works for most screens, but its getting a bit populated.

The grid increase is also because of the addition of a link to my SpeakerGram profile (you can book me to speak through there or SpeakerSite). Graphically, I wanted to keep it similar to SpeakerSite, but keep the colors for the respective sites intact.

The logo picture is now a background picture to the entire card (thanks CSS). I’ve taken the picture that was there and changed that for a more formal profile picture. If you are using a browser plugin that can read and download the vCard, you’d get my actual picture instead of the logo.

Lastly, I did a few updates to the description statement. I took away the many acronyms, and just went for something that sounded a good bit clearer. This profile language is pretty much used on all of my social assets – one of these days, I’ll connect all of those profiles to this one.

No technical changes this time around. There’s a need to clean up and optimize things as this is a really basic PHP page with HTML5 running inside of it. I’ll have to wait till I learn more to know exactly where that will go, until then, this is my primary contact point.

About this Digital Business Card/Landing Page Experiment

The digital business card/landing page experiment is something that I’ve embarked on to assist me in keeping an avenue of learning some applications of mobile and web technologies.

The design of this card respects the physical and virtual networks that I am surrounded by being an access point to communication and activities. From that page, one can contact me in any way that I’ve deemed necessary.

In respect to it being hosted on a mobile web server, this is toemphasize and grow my use of mobile and to better understand an Internet that is accountable directly to my actions, rather than relying on too many other layers towards keeping things going.

This is a work in progress, and can many times not work. But, that’s the point of experiments – to do what hasn’t been done, and answer the questions before others get there.

If you would like to know more about me doing this project; just poke me by one of the communication icons present on the card.