Trek Enables Me to Dream A Bit

Its been cold. The sun has set earlier. And then Christmas came, and it was like I got a wish. The weather warmed (a bit), and the sun started staying out just a bit longer. However, that dream of getting back on my bike hadn’t come to pass (at the time of this writing).

Then came a link in my Twitter stream to Trek’s Project One website.

Project One Maldone 6 .2 Custom - Share on Ovi
My is that site nice to dream on. Project One is a site where you can go create your own version of Trek’s award and race winning Madone series of bicycles. Frankly speaking, for a guy of my riding skills, its more or less a big dream to have something this expensive and this fun to ride.

That said, as I played with the site to create a custom ride for the second time in probably the past six months – I felt a bit lighter, a bit like I was coming to a close of this colder than normal winter. That I was coming closer to getting back on my Valencia and cutting up and down the roads (country and city) again.

Until then, just hand me a blanket. This dream is kind of nice.

A Bit About the Custom Bike

I started with the Madone 6.2. I don’t know much about components, so for the most part things are pretty stock. I did change the chain ring to something a touch smaller as I’d see a bike like this great for those flatter places I’ve been, but needing just enough for the slow hills.

The color scheme is based completely off of my personal logo. I went with the dark forest green frame with stealth/satin black lettering. There’s a touch of orange in the cables – which could be set off even nicer with an orange chain. Otherwise, this is pretty slick.

I’ll need to find the previous one I did, I based it on the Philadelphia Eagles’ colors. I like that one a lot as it reminded me of what Vick would look like as a bicycle.

If you want to go further and purchase your custom Project one, Trek is offering $300 off until January 17th. Sure, that doesn’t seem like much when you are already paying $4000+, but that’s also an extra $300 you can use to customize a touch more.