My 16GB, microSD Quandary

X6, N97, and G1 Loungin' - Share on OviThis past weekend, I took a trip to western VA. As I usually do before my trips, I do backups of my contacts and calendar from my N97 to a USB memory key and again to my N95. It just so happened though that this time, I had this inkling to take the N95. That inkling brought back memories (good and bad) of the Nokia X6 that I used until a beach incident this past summer. I wondered then why I couldn’t get along with just 16GB – and at the same time, I’ve wondered why I need more.
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Redefining the Smartphone (2009)

I wrote this back in 2009 for Brighthand. I think that my proposed definition holds better than most I’ve seen since.

Smartphones are mobile devices which utilize cellular and wireless software to enhance the user experience of mobile-enabled services by connecting to those services by direct ties into the operating system and hardware of the mobile device.

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Sharing Versus Remembering

Evernote on the iPad and N8 - Share on OviLast night, I added this neat new feature to MMM where by clicking on a button at the bottom of a post, you can save an article to your personal Evernote account. Essentially, this allows someone to not just save an article from MMM, but essentially create their own MMM-magazine. Strangely enough, I have has an AddThis share button on the site for a long time, but it never resonated the same kind of message. Continue reading “Sharing Versus Remembering”

Carnival of the Mobilists No. 245

Since the Carnival of the Mobilists has gone to a monthly format (from being a weekly previously), I’ve been a bit dry in getting into the depth of mobile comversations. Thankfully, the 245th was recently posted over at Tego Interactive, and there’s a nice mix of posts from veteran contributors and some folks whom I’m not so familiar.

Check out the January 2011 edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists and do be sure to contribute your post for possible inclusion next month. You never know – you just might be the person to write something that catches the host’s eye or another prospective mobilist (thanks for the selection Tego Interactive).

101 Years and 10 Months

This past Monday, I attended the funeral of my great, great Aunt Maggie. She passed this past Thursday, and the immediate family did an incredible job of pulling together a funeral in so short a time. I intended to go to represent my family – mother said she’d not be able to attend (she did) – and to reconnect with family members that I’d not seen or heard from in at least 15 years. I didn’t expect that 101 years and 10 months (Aunt Maggie’s age at death), would be the connecting point. Continue reading “101 Years and 10 Months”

Concepts and Dreaming Out Loud

I think that one of the issues that I have with this mobile media stream (which I’m a part of) is that many of the louder voices don’t seem to dream out loud often. When they do dream out loud, it sounds the response end of Henry Ford’s famous quote,

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

Frankly speaking, I totally agree. And hence my thoughts about mobile going in other directions from some louder opinions. Continue reading “Concepts and Dreaming Out Loud”