Wishing for Others in My Top 10

Moto Citrus Camera Viewfinder - Share on OviAs put together yesterday’s post, I started looking back over a number of posts which would have been nice to make it into the top 10. Sure, some of that has to do with my writing – I’m not always so clear, ideas are raw, my timing is all off, etc. – but man, these are really some good pieces (IMO) and also worth revisiting.


Or Will History Call Him Robin Hood?
I don’t cover current events much because of how long it takes for me to process my thoughts. I wish it could sound more like this more often.

church and Church
Much like current events, my thinking on faith/church takes time to process and (publically) write about. At the writing of this, I was finally free to air a few things.

A Review of My Vibram Five Fingers: One Year Later
What can I say, I like my Five Fingers (and yes, wore them in the snow).


Rappers, Teachers, or Noise
I’ve been putting out here bits and pieces from my poetry compliation; this one hits the hardest still when I reread it.

Poem: Love on the Sidewalk
If I told you she was real, would you believe that I’m not in love?


Valencia, 40 Miles, and A Summer Goal
This was a big goal for me, and one where I wish that I was more plugged into biking communities after doing it. Next year, a half-century should be easily possible.

My Velo in Several Zip Codes
No, I didn’t bike across all of these zip codes – a car played transport. But, I did bike in nearly every pictured place, and that was indeed fun.


What Does Mobile Longevity Look Like?
I just don’t want to get rid of good hardware. There’s got to be more attention paid to making devices live longer – and adding certain types of intelligence to them as they do live longer with us.

The (Mobile) Bar Is Raised
Short post, but hits on where the innovations in the mobile space are. Rita’s post still effects how I go mobile.

Analyzing My Wireless Data Life
And for as much as the previous item showed what effected me, this states where I am. I’ll need to make a note to do another like this at the same time in 2011, something is bound to change.

Business Card v1.5 (Finally)
Noise had been made when AOL putchased About.Me, but nothing made about someone creating one similar, and without the personal information implications, and with the latest web tech. Goes to show that I’m not exactly ready for mainstream in all I write/do.

Ok, so I have my own favorites. But can you blame me. These I tend to keep coming back to – even if they didn’t tickle visitors here as much.