Or Maybe Just One Is Good Enough

Nokia Morph Concept, via Nokia Research CenterFor a good bit now, I’ve opined about refreshing the mobile devices that I carry. This is something that’s become a bit more of a pressing concern with a boo-boo to my N97. I’m in the market for something new, but I think that I need to look at the market differently.

Some years ago, before I became a member of the I have more mobile devices than I know what to do with society, I used to have just one device. Most people have just one device, and aside for those times when you don’t want to be bothered with it, that singular device works great.

It did for me for a long time. Then, I started reviewing devices. Now, its common for me to have multiple devices, and even multiple SIM cards to work through these with. That’s not a totally bad thing, but it really does cause all kinds of havoc in terms of just taking a device out and about.

So, I went back in my head to where I last thought about a mobile device that made sense because it molded itself to me – that would be the Nokia Morph Concept. So much about that device made sense that I made the move to Nokia’s Symbian and Maemo devices simply on the strength of that kind of mobile living. That’s what I expected for a mobile device in 2010. Its coming to 2011 and that’s not here.

Since that’s not happening, I’ve got to deal with what I have (low budget and deal with the benefits and consequences of my choices). I’ve got a solid, sometimes unspectacular, Nokia N97. This device is really right there on the edge of what I want in terms of hardware. I’d love refinement in the screen response and battery life – and that’s just fine to ask in a device that’s nearly two years out from its initial introduction.

I am not so much a fan of mobile platforms as I am just getting things done. I love Nokia Bots (and won’t go back into that). On my iPad, I really dig Evernote, DropBox, and Flipboard. These are all apps that add to the experience of using the device, but not to a headache in terms of managing things. When I look at this idea of a next smartphone, I really want the same thing.

And yet I’m the one here looking very hard at what’s in the wallet and devices like the N8 and Palm Pre 2. I’m looking at the things that I do and don’t do. I’m looking at where I’d like to see a smartphone go from the spot that I have mine now. And frankly, I can’t seem to get a resounding recommendation from myself, let alone the market, towards what will work best.

I do know this much: I don’t need but one mobile if its done right.

Done right means that the platform has to be flexible enough that I’m not having this conversation in two years time. Done right means that the hardware has to not just take some present day issues such as battery tech, but also tackle some issues to come such as increasing the screen-size on the fly. Done right means that I’m not making a purchase based on the cellular or other wireless frequencies – the right device supports everything I need today and in the foreseeable future right out of the box.

Done right means that I’m not fretting on this. Which I am. I’m looking at the mobile landscape and frankly am not impressed with anything. I really don’t see much of anything to run out there for – and I’m hopeful that there would at least be something in the coming month that would tickle a bro a bit.

I’m demanding, I know. I’d prefer my mobile to be the computer. For it to seamlessly connect to everything that I’d need it to, and be contextual enough to be such a contact point. I don’t mind building some parts of it out, but I’d be silly to go to other platforms where I’d need apps or special device modes to do what I am doing just fine right now. And yes, I’m all too demanding that a mobile web server should be one’s owned about.me.

For that, I don’t need several mobile devices in or near my pockets. I want one that will do all of that, and do it well. I want a user experience that’s not a copy of Apple, Palm, or Windows Phone. I want hardware like Nokia’s, and aggressiveness like Google. It can be done. I’ve come close to having it. Question is, am I able to hold out with what I have until then – or keep with the former plan to go multiple.