Reading Sometimes Makes Me Crow

I can sometimes sound like many of my friends and family around me – especially when it comes to sitting down on those things that I read on a daily basis. Here’s a sampling of some of the thoughts/comments that fly through my head as I read various items throughout the week.

In response to this one about the Google ChromeOS and Laptop that was recently released:
The fact that people who are apparently “thought leaders” and “opinion leaders” are being shocked that they can live in a browser says a lot about their leadership – next, they’ll tell me how they can do a ton of things on their mobile sans-laptop/desktop (whoops).

Here, Church Tech Today comments on results of Barna research on Christianity’s effectiveness
I always take research with a grain of salt until I can read the emthodology; and then spend a bit of time validating the methodology – normally speaking, I come away from the survey with

From the land of gifts that look like they make sense, gloves for texting fingers
Or, money that could have been spent purchasing a phone you could use with full-fingered gloves.

MS Kin devices, sold by Verizon Wireless, are being replaced by Verizon
VZW nixed them, added them back, and is taking them back. I feel for that manager’s holiday bonus.

From the iPhone Blog, How to Keep Google Latitude from Tracking you
You really could go the route of not installing it; but that’s just too easy.

From HBR, Could WikiLeaks Expose Your Corporate Brain
Or, the risk is that the lack of personal accountability will be easier to see; no way we’d want to see that.

Ok, so its not all that bad. I honestly try and censor the mess out of my thoughts before making comments – but I do get tired of some of the really silly stuff. And then there’s just the stuff that needs people to think before/while asking. I know that there’s a “write to get people to read and comment” component, but can’t we all go for the intelligence-bringing conversations rather than sensationalist thrones?

Feel free to share or follow via Twitter or Google Reader; because something you say might be a whole lot more insightful than what I’d reply with 😉