Business Card v1.75

Business Card v1.75 - Share on OviJust a few small updates to the landing page/business card since v1.6 saw some major work behind the scenes. 1.7 cleans up a few things, and breaks some of the original ethos of this experiment.

Icons  for Flickr, SlideShare (image) and Nokia Ovi BetaLabs have been added. The SlideShare icon is a resized image of their logo – as doing that in CSS is a bit beyond me (SVG skills needed for that).

The BetaLabs icon is new, giving an ability for me to point to the conversations that I’m having there since Symbian Ideas is now archived. Symbian Ideas is now a static link pointing to my post here versus the Ideas website since that’s going to be going away.

I’ve redesigned the Ovi Share icon to be of a similar brand-design to the BetaLabs (much clearer to read). In my opinion, it looks like something that Nokia could have gotten away with if they went text versus icon in their approach.

In the same wise, the Flickr icon now appears here; since I’ve done some cleaning there. And also fits with the Ovi icons in respect to shared content areas.

Following the contextual icon rows meme, Twitter was moved up a row and SpeakerSite was moved down. Both now better fit with items in their rows and columns.

In the footer, the version number is now dynamically updated when I make a post regarding this specific effort. This keeps the editing of the page to an absolute minimum – and pushes me to actually learn how to build a CMS around this page (eventually) that would manage the icons and how they are made (images, static CSS, or dynamically created).

Lastly, there was a change from Fine Mobile Web to iFMW to account for the update that I’ve made to to this product. There’s some work that I need to do now that I’ve gotten my landing page showing, and they’ve got some things in respect to the Symbian version of the product that aren’t in the iPhone and Android versions of this mobile web server.

About this Digital Business Card/Landing Page Experiment

The digital business card/landing page experiment is something that I’ve embarked on to assist me in keeping an avenue of learning some applications of mobile and web technologies.

The design of this card respects the physical and virtual networks that I am surrounded by being an access point to communication and activities. From that page, one can contact me in any way that I’ve deemed necessary.

In respect to it being hosted on a mobile web server, this is to emphasize and grow my use of mobile and to better understand an Internet that is accountable directly to my actions, rather than relying on too many other layers towards keeping things going.

This is a work in progress, and can many times not work. But, that’s the point of experiments – to do what hasn’t been done, and answer the questions before others get there.

If you would like to know more about me doing this project; just poke me by one of the communication icons present on the card.