Pushed a Bit Further

The past few days – more like since Friday – I’ve been dealing with intermittent Internet connectivity. I know, that’s not something this mobile evangelist should be admitting to, but there are these moments, and usually they endear me to pushing a bit further than I am comfortable, and finding out a few more things about my mobile tech choices.

First this is that I’ve been using a local area network which has basically gone down. We still don’t know why, and that’s basically pushed me to using cellular for everything. No biggie, I do this often – except not in an area that just got AT&T 3G turned on last week.

So instead of the connectivity speed (and random dropouts) that I would get in Charlotte, I’m now getting a mobile device that can sit in one place and go from 3.5G to 3G to EDGE (2G) data connections in a matter of sections. Can you say fun?

Then there’s the issue of actually getting into things and using this connectivity. I’ve been able to live (again) from my N97, with the iPad be relegated to occasional duty when I need to do things such as write this post (in Evernote), or search for possible reasons for an access point or poach antenna to fail.

This also means no iOS 4.2 update for me. It requires a PC (which I have access to) and an Internet connection (which isn’t connecting).

That being said, I’m again finding life on a mobile to be a bit more freeing. I’ve done some posts for MMM, traveled a bit with only a car charger for iPad and mobile, and worked within a challenging content management system. Its been pretty good – and let me know how much more from my mobile life that I’d like.

I deal in screens, and having plenty of them is good – having platforms to manage between them isn’t. As much as I like the iPad, I think that having an output to the computer monitor in front of me would be pretty neat. 

I still need to figure out how best to do documents. But the Evernote/Google Docs end of things seems to be very solid. I just really wish that Nokia’s Active Notes could have been part of this (it is really solid and basically what Evernote is everywhere else).

Ah well, back to the grind. I need to get some more work done, and this connection is really going up and down. It is mobile, but pushes me to learn a bit more. I like life like this; and depending on whatever devices and services I move to next, things should really get more fun.