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Sparked by an initiative and post from Ms. Jen, I went back to work on my landing page/digital business card and did some under-the-hood tweaks to it. Given the level of the work that went into it, this is essentially a new iteration – hence the version 1.6.

Brief Review

My digital business card is also the landing page and connection point for many aspects of those things that I do digitally. This page is hosted on my mobile phone using the FineWS mobile web server product – which opens the door for me to learn and do things where I’m pulling information from my device (like the current location) and showing that right from this page.

I’m not to that point yet, and so this page sits as a semi-real-time look at me and my connections. In the last update, I added the dynamic icons for various social network properties that essentially update the destination link as new content is updated. 

Changes with v1.6

Version 1.6 is basically a maintenance release – again, sparked by Ms. Jen. I took forth some additional lessons with HTML and basically made sure that the entire structure of the page is done in HTML5 tags. This does a few things – future proofs future updates, paves the way for additional features, and just looks cool.

I tightened up the language in the speech bubble, and added tons of descriptive text to several items on the page that you would be able to see when you place your mouse over those items. I also killed some of the extra padding that was making the speech bubble look a bit off centered in several browsers.

The footer also saw some attention. I’ve added links to w3schools and the Operator Firefox plugin. If you are using Firefox, and this plugin, you will be able to pull the embedded information that is on this page. It is pretty neat actually and how many pages on the web work behind the scenes.

I’ve also added a link to the design notes – basically the posts that talk about the version of the digital card. This will hopefully help this page make a bit more sense as you’d be able to come to a post (like this) and read what has been happening with this page.

Potential Issues

There are some potential issues that I noticed with the HTML5 changes that I made. I’ve noticed that older versions of Firefox and even Internet Explorer 8 will totally crap out on much of what’s done on this page. All that I can really say to you is that you really should be using another web browser. Chrome, Safari, Mobile Safari, Opera, and the latest version of Firefox should all show things fine. You should even be able to increase the zoom level of the page without major issues.

I had to turn off the dynamically created LinkedIn icon as I just kept running into an issue where the RSS link just would crap out. That’s on LinkedIn’s side and I’ll figure that out along the way. I was actually liking being able to mouse-over the LinkedIn icon and see the latest updates to my connections.


Apologies for the up and down nature of things with the page. I’ve been traveling and sit in an area that’s getting an update to the towers. That’s made for some interesting waves in connectivity. It hasn’t effected my phone in terms of voice calls, but it does hinder some of the data that I deal with.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, this post is one of the best places to poke me about them. Thanks for visiting.

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