Going Artsy with My iPad

City Tones - Share on OviNow here’s something that I’ve wanted to do for sometime, and right before catching some sleep, I remembered that Adobe Ideas for the iPad had an update that would export my photos to the device’s photo gallery. Side effect of this is that it meant also that I could upload them online to share with others.

A bit more than a decade ago, definitely 15 years ago, I was known for drawing. I had pen and paper and did a lot of drawing. I even intended to be drawing for a living once I made it to college. Things happened that first year and I ended up changing my major and rocking a different path. But, that feeling of wanting to draw never left. Since getting the iPad earlier this year, I’ve been sparked a bit.

The iPad is truly a creative place if you let it be. No, the rules of creation spaces don’t apply in the same way as it does with paper, ink, canvas, or even a stylus and tablet – but there are ways to create and draw in ways that leave you with a smile and scent of creative energies spent.
The Next iPad - Share on Ovi
That’s how I’ve felt since settling on the Adobe Ideas application for color drawings on the iPad. And since my trip to San Diego in the early summer, drawing has slowly worked its way back into my life.

It started with just getting used to the palette and drawing with my finger. Then, it was all about colors and subject matching. These days, I’ve got a few memes towards drawing on the iPad and all of them are incredibly rewarding.
Pink Roses - Share on Ovi
I don’t have nearly the control that I used to have. For example, in the drawing of the Pink Roses, it took me hours to get those petals right. I’ve got a lot of practice to do before getting anywhere near the level that I used to be. But, I’m having fun, and drawing.

It is even something spreading to the little kids that I get time with. With one of them, we have a whole mode of living where we read on the iPad and then she’s allowed to draw and work on her letters. It is always interesting to see her learn the tools within Adobe Ideas and then try and apply them to make her imagination show up on the screen. For her, that’s a different and fun/immersive kind of computing that is hard to match. And for her mom, its painting without the mess.

I’m stretching a bit towards getting to draw outside of just being on the plane. And maybe I’ll get back to the point of doing near-portraits and still life pieces. Maybe I won’t get back there. I just know that in terms of one of the ways that I’ve learned to live with this iPad, striking up those drawing juices has been one of the more plesant surprises.
Boat in Rough Waters - Share on Ovi
I can get a bit artsy, and maybe that’s just the point of me doing all of these anyways.

Some of my pieces I’ll be posting to a dedicated Ovi Share gallery called iPad Artwork. Feel free to browse and comment on anything there.

In the meantime, I’ll be rekindling an old love. One finger stroke at a time.