Location Interdependence

This recent traveling run has been a interesting stretch of interdependence and connectivity for me. At first, I thought things would be a bit compromising because I am traveling for six days with bike in hand and (initially) no charger for my iPad. Now, I am seeing that the real streak of things actually has more to do with how much I think needs to be tied to location that isn’t relationship bound.

For example, because i was in my car for so long to Philly, the prospect of not having a charger for my iPad – the normal house plug – didn’t factor as a major down point. I have a car and would be moving, therefore the battery would suffice. So I picked up a charger that would allow me to do just that. And honestly, at the time of writing this on Saturday morning, it might not have been needed for mother day,

There was the part of my trip of Charlotte where I thought about snail mail and how much of it I actually needed. Outside of checks for invoices and records for bills, I don’t use it. It would be nice if I could tie my mail to a few GPS coordinates, where the mail system and I had an arrangement where if I am going to be located near a specific point for a certain amount of time (weeks, months) that mail would just follow my GPS imprint. Actually having box isn’t necessary until I stop moving.

I don’t know. We have this idea about so many services being tied to location and I think that they are to some degree, but not to the extent that they used to be. Getting power doesn’t need to be confined to a space. Getting mail shouldn’t rely on static location, at least as it does. I think that for some of us, location interdependence needs to be utilized between the technology and services we use so that we are kinder to our environment, and better able to live without having so many administrative concerns.

Ok, so i also don’t like the process of changing my address for every bill either… But, I have friends that would quickly respond that I should also stop moving around so much, so maybe there we’ll just have an impasse with this topic 😉