EcoVelo’s Photo Contest

Image submission to EcoVelo Why I Ride Contest 3Am really mad at myself for not paying attention to this when I initially saw it, but it is what it is. If you like bicycles and photography, the folks at EcoVelo have just finished submissions for their 3rd Why I Ride Photo Contest.

I didn’t get in an entry (as I just found the site and about the contest this weekend), and given what I am seeing from those who have submitted, I would have had to make a major step up in both where I ride and the quality of photos.

Autumn Ride Through Danville - Share on OviNevertheless, I’ve got a number of pics that should have gone up by the time of this writing, with several more to come. And a poem about biking that was published a few days ago. Why I ride doesn’t so much need to be in a contest as much as it just needs to join in the chorus of all of us who do.

If anything, just get out and ride. Your life will be better for doing so.