You know what it means
To find a life with two wheels so freeing
And then before you find meaning
The shift happens
Just enough to get things started
Not enough to breathe heavy
Just a few steps on clouds like running
And before you find your stride
The shift happens again
Now we are making hay
Technically just pasing runners
Sliding into the traffic
Ignoring horns and fumes for a better air
Clouds now becoming your running mates
And smiles changing headwinds into fuel
The hill doesn’t matter
Because the next level is worth grabbing for
So easy it takes a finger
For that major shift to happen
Too much
Slowing down
The cadence dropped
Need to pull back
Fumes are now laughing
Traffic now lagging
Ah that’s better
The road smooth
The weather better
The breeze enough to dance on
My wheels provide a tune
Therefore I jam on
Looking like a runner
I rise on my moving cloud
Finding partners on their clouds
Sunlight waves back
The curb ain’t a skip
The road is like a DJ
I jump
Scractch back
And find that place at the light turning yellow
Now I attack
Looking like I live strong
I can’t go wrong
I see them looking at my legs
But can’t stop to sing that song
I’m headed towards freedom
Roads not seen
Levels that exercise only dreams of
Can’t maintain this pace that I ever love
I forgot the fact there’s a hill to come
Therefore I reign in zealousness
And make freedom skip embarassment’s interlude
And shift back
The gearing made for hills like these
On my bike I find gears equal freedom’s melody
Despite the calls for engines to persist
I cannot ignore the chain’s soliloquy
Push me and I’d stretch
Greese me and I’d go silent
Find me between the road and your toes
And leave your concerns at the door
I’m the keynote to freedom’s rhythms
At at this hill I emplore
Stop for a second and shift into a new reality.

Autumn Ride Through Danville - Share on Ovi
Inspired by the folks at Let’s Go Ride a BikeLoving the Bike, and EcoVelo.


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  1. Many thanks; I write often but just had one of those memes where I wanted to write about the ride. And it pretty much nailed what I felt on my ride this past sunday

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