MMM: The Homework of Visionaries and Ministers

N8 + 32GB USB Memory Key =Two Meanings - Share on OviA few weeks back, I posted over at the Visual Story Network an impression that I gathered about ministry and the visions that drive us after reading a few pieces by (former) Microsoft Chief Software Software Architect Ray Ozzie. Instead of simply sitting as a self-reflection piece, this was something pulled in more like a homework assignment for myself (and possibly others) to better consider the things I regard as innovative, needed, and more clearly define what it is that I do.

The assignment ended up being an extended reflection of Ray Ozzie’s two works – The Internet Services Disruption (2005) and Dawn of a New Day (2010) – and what this meant in the context of ministry endeavors titled The Homework of Visionaries and Ministers. Here’s a snippet:

…These views (The Internet Services Disruption and Dawn of a New Day) of technology then take us back to this understanding – or growing body of knowledge – to what mobile ministry is and how it fits in this conversation of visionaries and ministers. Mobile ministry is a genre of a genre. And in many respects its a term that means something to those who still see computing as a noun rather than a verb. For its brief history, mobile ministry has been characterized by the communication media (7th mass media) and the application/layer of the Gospel message on top of that media in order to further evangelize and disciple others into an understanding of the Christian faith…

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Homework of Visionaries and Ministers.

It was a long piece (1500+ words), but gave me a lot to pour through in respect to applicable tasks, applicable technology, and what innovation looks like not just because of the progress of time, but also in terms of the progress of all mankind.

It has already contributed to the tweaking/clarifying of MMM’s vision/mission (Sending and Receiving Christ in Mobile). I assume that it will also cause me to mature and dream bigger in other areas too. At least, that’s what homework ends up usually causing when it is something that speaks to the passions of your heart.

Additional Note: I’ve published this via Google Docs just in case some folks want to play with grammar or any other comments to this. Feel free to view and link to link version as well.