Poem: Love on the Sidewalk

Found my shoes tumbling outside of the door this morning
Followed them past the porch
Past the steps
Catching conversations with another pair of socks
They danced for a second in limited prose
And by the chalk of their steps they remained in conversation
Each day the lines got longer
The colors more reflective
And the steps slower
Paced themselves for something a bit longer than a hello
Shoes and socks met at the corner of hand and greeting
Once a glance
Then a verse
Now a few steps taken down chalk lines lengthened
Reflecting now a turn for the better
They paused at the bench under the shade
Trees in conversations too whspered about this affair
That breeze that shifted shoelaces and tighted socks
That rustle that perched hands and shook glances
They turned towards another intersection
The shoes crossed
The socks and hand remained
I followed

Caught up to my shoes in their tiredness that night
Sequestered them beside the mat
Above the steps
Breath in hand
Greeting in check
Asking about that conversation with the socks
And the ruckus they made amongst the trees and the breeze
And how I couldn’t get anywhere without colors on my sleeve
They opened their tounge and began to detail
How that morning life looked different
How they felt the ground would change if they just moved forward
And then came an open door
A scent unlike anything ever had
Tripping over the sounds of laces and soles
They found themselves in front of some socks
And the two of them meshed in a rhythm of life scratching
And so when the conversation began there was nothing but reacting
Until they turned and hit that corner
He was moving forward and she was behind for a while
He knew that he would return but those laces were designed for miles
And I
Sitting amazed at the story that I beheld
I realized that the shoes led me to a place I would have in times past fell
I was the witness of love at first sight
And the breeze that I felt upon my cheek was life agreeing
And the wonder that I felt when they seperated was life’s meaning
For him to cross forward for now
For her to remain on her sidewalk
For them to imprint the world behind them with tales of greetings
And life to be written in reflections that breezes enjoy and life doesn’t wash away

Found my shoes tumbling outside of the house again the next morning
Ran ahead of them to find the owner of the socks for some coffee.