Side Effect of Business Card v1.5

I am not sure about other folks, but I use my personal website as a landing page on (most) of my mobile browsers. Normally speaking, what I do online starts from that point. But with the changes made in the last update to the landing page/business card, I’m coming into the web in a different manner that I’m used to and it disorients me a lot.

This disorientation is actually a good thing. I think we can all say that we are used to coming into websites in two ways: either through the front page, or through a search engine that brings us into another link (grouping links from RSS readers and social networks into this because they are essentially similar methods of entry). Coming into a website from a different window offers a chance to learn something more/less – or just be totally put off to the person (I accept that reality too).
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Coming into those places online that I am connected to from my identity’s front page to the actual latest idea is a lot different. It is kind of like getting into the transporter room, but then just going right to the room, skipping the mentioning of a floor almost entirely. And you know, its weird.

And its not changing… on my end.

This kind of approach to interacting with one another is something that I don’t know that we see explored much. We’ve seen splash pages, portal pages, but nothing that actually constantly changes like this for personal properties in a mainstream view (as far as I’ve seen).

If it is something that becomes a bit of a living page, what are the other kinds of information that can be pulled to or from this page that better enables people to know whom they are clicking to, and get to those moments with that person that are much more valuable than just a pointer?

Should these kinds of personal properties live with us, having their own sense of automatically updating and following an open door policy to letting people see into our lives, but in a way that pushes the tech, our character, and their ability to learn about us more forward than a pointer?

In my thoughts, this has been a side effect of the new design, but in terms of perception, something to consider as being more real to the point of the web connected to us than social networks have allowed many to consider.