iPad w/o PC

Evernote on the iPad and N8 - Is Local Storage NeededWhen you go into the Apple Store and tell them you have an iPad and no normal PC, the expressions are funny. For as much as we’ve gotten to the point where devices like mobiles and tablets can live without the “host”-PC, people still expect you to have one. Apple does – the iPad technically (marketing???) shouldn’t be able to live without it. And yet mine does. Am I wrong for pushing, or is the definition of what is a PC not yet adapted to personal computing?

Brighthand: Nokia N8 Review w/Additional Images

N8 (On #2) - Share on OviWas starting to get worried that this wasn’t going to press. Whew. Over at Brighthand is my review of the Nokia N8. Tons in there, and I should probably say that My opinion has changed slightly. Neveretheless, those were my thoughts as I wrote them then. Hope you enjoy it and the additional gallery images.

If I Could Enhance Evernote

Image from EvernoteI’m sitting here on my iPad really enjoying much of what Evernote offers. It isn’t so much that I’m able to do everything, but for the kind of device that the iPad is (as I use it), it actually is almost a perfect application. That said, if I could enhance it a bit, I think that not only would it be a better application/service, but it might just change a lot more than how we remember things.
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Considering How to Refresh My Phone Library

Table of Mobiles - Share on OviSome months ago, when I was actively switching between the N97 and X6, I wondered how long it would be before I’d needed to refresh my phone library. Then my X6 caught some salty water and that pretty much ended that thought for a time.  As I prepare for a few outings and a literal change in my living spaces, I’m again looking at my phone library and what route to go about changing things up a bit. Continue reading “Considering How to Refresh My Phone Library”

My Velo in Several Zip Codes

Valencia in Shed - Share on OviBy no means would I ever consider myself or my opinions about biking as authoritative as many of the biking websites that I follow (Let’s Go Ride a BikeLoving the Bike, and EcoVelo). But, if you’ve been paying attention to this meme here, you’d see that I do have a affection towards riding that seems to be growing each ride. This past weekend, I got a chance to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and added several layers to my understanding of life around these two wheels. Continue reading “My Velo in Several Zip Codes”