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Some months ago (wow, more like 10 months ago), I wrote a piece here called Living Mobile(-Mainly). A core point there was that I had mostly figured out how to live on a single mobile device for most of what I needed, and that it was the pieces not answered that caused irritations and problems.

Since that piece, I’ve not changed my smartphone, but I have added an iPad and a few projects to the belt, and you know something, it is getting even closer to a reality that one can do computing (here) in a mobile and web-only experience.

The challenge has more to do with behavior and what is possible on various platforms. For example, the inability to use web applications like Google Docs for more than reading (except for a few instances) is a show-stopper.

The challenge to have people stop sending attachments, and use collaborative solutions like Google Docs is still an argument, but not one where I’m having less success than before in talking about it.

Access isn’t an issue – even if it isn’t cost effective to have connectivity everywhere (in this country) because of physical or carrier limitations.

The best part of this has been the challenge of trying to just keep things simple enough to work. I know that when I can get certain web apps working on both my mobile and iPad that I will have part of that friction reduced. I also need to figure out some better or simpler means of editing things on my own web server, and making plans just in case that would go away.

But, unlike that post, and more like the PC-Free Generation post, we are getting there and a lot of it will include kicking and screaming both from people and companies. I look forward to that, and at the same time, being so accessible with have its own issues to bear out. Should be fun… and mobile 😉

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