Two Wheels To Friendly Roads

2009 Trek Valencia against a 2005 Honda Civic - Share on OviFor the next few months, I’ll be doing a whole lot of traveling (at least three cities primarily, and definitely two additional states on occasion). One of the things that I’ll miss most about these travels is that I’ll have less time to ride. I’ve found though that it will be on me to find the friendly roads, and enjoy the people and places in between.

One of the ways that I plan to enjoy things is to (therefore) take my bike to some of these places. But, before I go about riding, I like to find those places where I can get my wheels fixed. In Ringgold, VA, I found this neat place called Far out Bike Shop. Far Out Bike Shop is literally in the middle of no-where (hey, that’s what I’ve been told), but according to the owner and primary shop/sales guy, there are a ton of neat roads in the area to which I’ll be able to have a lot of good times riding. Since meeting him, I’ve found a few others in the area who like to ride as well. This should be fun.

Of course, I’ll be around Charlotte to ride. And Lord willing, I’ll be able to extend the relationships that I have with folks from Ultimate Bicycle to the Trek Store. Yea, there’s not as much of a “bicycle culture” to Charlotte, but you can stitch together some neat rides between the various bike clubs and greenways around town.

I’m also hoping to take my bike up to Philly and finally take advantage of some of the changes that have been happening there in regards to lanes, access, and saftey. It will be cold, but man, it would be great to catch a nice fall day around the Art Museum and get some miles in. Need to find a good bike shop though, a bro will want to ride a good distance 😉

There are a number of other cities that are destinations and areas in between destinations that should be pretty neat. I do take my car first to many of these areas and then find out my route(s) before taking the ride. I’m a stranger in many of these places more often than not and don’t want to assume that everyone is so friendly.

Yet, I’m finding that bicycling is making me a whole lot more willing to get out and about. And it is also making me pay some more attention to the good and bad of certain types of technologies around us. Those things that allow us to share our stories with one another are great, and in many respects add nicely to this life experience. But, we have to be careful not only of what did it take to get to those experiences, but what were the stories (good and bad) of those people who put some of those roads together.

I look forward to getting a ride in this weekend. It has been a while and my body is getting ancy for the wheels. I wonder whom I’ll ride into this time, and if that story will add to this mosaic of miles and experiences that I’m primed to have.