Poem: Rappers, Teachers, or Noise

Every rapper is a speaker
Anyone with a platform is a teacher
Whether they are teaching right or wrong is up for debate
Whether they have matured to that understanding isn’t
Picking up the mic indicates an ability to form an opinion
Be receivable in it
Debate the reciprocal arguments
And teach the core points
An ability to not do this is much like a hollow brass n’est pas?
Holding anyone who picks up the mic to this standard is no different than holding a teacher to one
Or a pastor to one similar
So if they cannot teach what they rap
Are they really using the gift for what its for
And can they therefore bring listeners to a place of maturing
Or are they just making noise?

Every teacher is a rapper
Every pen and chalkboard creates scripts for new actors
Whether they speak right or wrong is for parents to debate
Whether they know the truth they want students to mature to isn’t
Picking up a life indicates an ability to shape a heart
Be deliberate in it
Allow for the tangent questions
And teach the core points
And ability to not do this is much like a proverb gone moldy
Serving anyone who picks up a diploma to this standard is no different than eating unprocessed meats
Or entertaining treats over diabetic beats
So if they can’t cover what they teach
Are they really using the gift for what its for
And can they therefore bring hungry actors to a place of leading
Or are they making just noise?

Every noise doesn’t require a clap
Every snare and snap isn’t an indication to unwrap egos
Whether rappers or teachers they play by the same beats
Whether a soapbox or a desk they treat an audience to unparalled feats
Leaning by the back of Marty McFly’s pants
Count this step into your next quadratic equasion
Speech times life plus experience divided by truth equals
I hope you parsed that equasion correctly before you bellowed
The right kind of noise is no more a crevice in time
Than the core points to seek wisdom and understanding in life line by line
So, make your noise receivable
Or be cosigned to something similar to ditzzy claps off track of the lesson plan
Sent to the back of the class for lessons by an unqualified also-ran
Who is also known as a fool
Who speaks things not understood on track or school
Side B was for them
Because they were too unfamiliar a sound to establish a rhythm on
Is your noise in sync with the gift you were built for
And can it therefore be a sign to others a place of maturity and filled stomachs
Or is it just noise.

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