WSJ Print vs iPad Web #2 - Share on OviIn my world, its easy to dream. The problem comes with accepting the present, while embracing the certainities of the future. I taught a class using just PDAs and the Internet a half decade ago. Today, similar endeavors are taking place (to the same amounts, if not greater and more notable, success) all over the place. Sure, one can say that this is just the march of time. But I think that it speaks more to the fact that we are taking that pill that says we either die ignorant, or adapt to what is the reality happening around us.

As I’ve argued many times before, it is not enough today to just know about a computer, or even just know a specific application. You have to know how to use whatever is in your hand to be able to solve today’s problems. This means that we can no longer get locked into a mode of looking for “MS Office skills” or “what web technologies do you know.” Today, the question is more around solving the problems related to a myriad of issues, and most of the time, we aren’t going to get to work or learn in our preferred modes anyways.

And yet, in the midst of a fairly new project – I find that I need to have a foot in the past and a foot in the (very near) future. I’ve got to be adept in both mental models, because the paradigm hasn’t truly changed just yet. There’s a push and a pull happening with me, and the end result will be neat. Whenever it hits.

I also have the rudiments of my faith to bring along for the ride. The more I ask and listen, the more I realize that these really are hard times to believe in God (no matter what your religion). Systems, economics, processes of all kinds have chipped away at nearly everything that lives in faith would have us better know. Insomuch, it is like we have lost an ability to believe, and have therefore lived merely to die. Which is sad, because I truly do see even what’s happening with mobile as a call out to live in faith towards God and one another in a way that we have seemed to have lost.

So, I sit on the fence. I’m typing on an iPad, instead of speaking this into the air to save online in my personal journal. I’ve got a mobile phone connected to an IP-based telephone system, because its efficient and inexpensive – not because my carrier(s) can offer better. There’s a good bit of here and now that I want to ignore, but can’t. The present will always be more real than the future to come. But man do I dream…

…I dream for the kinds of things that should be happening. It just kind of sucks having to sit on the fence with what’s happening in many respects. Waiting really is the hard part.

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