N8's Defining Feature - Share on OviIt is very easy to say or think that more megapixels equals a better camera. Listening to much of the photo taking industry in the past decade, you’d be right. And so the N8 comes along with its 12 megapixel wonder, and you’d have to assume that in some respect that its only a larger number – certainly there’s not that much to brag about. And then I started taking pics.

I’m just barely 48hrs into having the N8, so I’ve only got the smallest of impressions as I go about learning what it does and comparing it to my N97. But, one thing has been very clear, this camera is absolutely amazing.

In reviewing the N8, I’m taking to logging some more details of the different shots that I’m taking (see the gallery). In these details, I’m trying to make sure that I pay attention to some things that I’ve heard other reviewers note, and a few other things that might not have been as nicely paid attention to – in respect to the camera capabilities.

Parking Lot Pushing Dirt - Share on Ovi

This camera is really amazing. It handles moving objects especially well. And detail, oh my the detail it grabs. Here are two of my favorite pics taken so far:

Cork and Candy #2 - Share on Ovi

Dude, the Water Droplets - Share on Ovi

One of the reasons that I’ve stayed with Nokia devices for the past few years is that I have loved how they have approached the subject of mobile photography. Certainly, the best camera is the one that you have with you, and over the years, Nokia has done an excellent job in making sure that most of their models perform at the top of the class here.

Last Year's Top Model - Share on Ovi

The N8 carries that ethos so very nicely. For example, in one place that I recently visited and am currently visiting again, I wanted a landscape shot and hoped to get a picture of a car on the road that was also in the shot. My N97 couldn’t capture it fast enough – there was too much delay between pressing the shutter and the image being taken. Not the case with the N8:

Caught the Car - Share on Ovi

Got the car, no blurr. Loving this.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some shots that I’m noticing that the N8 has trouble. It really has only one “input” for processing – and its not really on a cellular level like our organic eyes are. But you can see how they are getting there. This level of detail only needs to be duplicated within a camera lens a few (million) times and we’d get from a camera what we see with our eyes.

Random Leaf #2 - Share on Ovi

There’s nothing on the market outside of dedicated SLRs that are this good. And for the N8’s target audience(s), this bodes very well. The rest of the device has an opinion reserved for my full review. Had to brag about this much though – this is one impressive mobile device.

“Do you want a camera with your phone or a phone with your camera?” (twitter) Soon, such a question might not even need to be thought about anymore.

Keep up with my photo journal of the N8 here.


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  1. Thanks; there are tons more pics in the gallery (linked at the bottom of the post); the picture of the flowers taken today nears being my fav now.

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