Alarm Bot Wake Up Screen v2

Alarm Bot Wake Up Screen v2 - Share on OviWas very excited to see that my suggestion for an enhancement to the Nokia Bots Alarm Bot was picked up by the BetaLabs Blog. Seems like I hit on something a few folks wanted, and I went to work on another quick sketch that clarifies a possible implementation.

To start with, I borrowed from a number of screenshots around the web for this. So no (major) playing in Inkscape and MS Paint 😉

Just like the original idea you get the big clock. Then below that we are taking advantage of the widgets that already exist on these devices by making a holding area for three specific widgets: Calendar, Notifications, and Weather. If you think about it, waking up in the morning you just want to know these kinds of information (what do you have to do, what did you miss overnight, and what’s the weather for moving forward).

A possibility here is to actually enable these three widgets to show automatically by default, and then if the user doesn’t want to see it, they get an ‘X’ next to the widget where they can dismiss it. Nokia Bots learns after a few days that this isn’t what you want to see, and no longer shows that widget in this space.

Now, I’m deliberate in saying that there should (a) only be three widgets and (b) that these should be the only ones used. One of the things that I’ve noticed with Nokia Bots is that preferences area kept simple and in most cases too simple. This eliminates the need to remember settings later, and at the same time makes this something easier to implement and test.

Lastly, I tweaked the snooze/alarm button to work like the slider lock button on Symbian^3 devices. Slide one way to snooze the alarm, slide the other way to dismiss. And while this sounds like a lot, with almost Nokia devices you can flip the mobile to snooze the alarm, so this action of sliding introduces the kind of friction where you have to look at the screen, making this informational display useful and not as full of friction 🙂

I’d love to see this implemented. Nokia Bots has really been one of those apps that’s changed how I think about mobiles. Adding a feature like this adds a feature, and in some respects makes it a bit heavier, but it also becomes a learning event for the mobile, to which can further make using your device a lot less of a chore – even in your waking hours.

Well, what are your thoughts? A lively discussion is in progress, so join in and let your voice be heard.

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