Enhancement to Nokia Bots’ Alarm Bot Wake Up Screen

I’m a big fan of the Nokia Bots experimental application on my Nokia N97. Of all the kinds of applications that I have used, this one has actually contributed to me using my mobile a lot less because it is designed around automating certain interactions with my device that I would ordinarly think about (it learns what I do and adapts parts of the UI). This morning, as I tapped the screen to snooze the alarm, I realized that the Alarm Bot functionality for Nokia Bots could be enhanced a touch better if it offered just a bit more as I was looking at the screen to snooze or dismiss the alarm.

Here’s the Suggestion Post that I placed over at the Nokia Bots’ section of Nokia BetaLabs:
Proposal "Sketch" for Enhancement to Nokia Bots' Alarm Bot Wake Up Screen - Share on Ovi

Had an idea this morning after the Nokia Bots Alarm Bot woke me up. I normally at least look at the screen to see what time that it is, so why not also have the Alarm Bot’s Wake Up screen also show a snapshot of the next or entire day’s appointments/tasks as pulled from the calendar?

Quick “sketch” screen of what I’m talking about*

I’m pretty sure that it is a natural event/behavior to look at your mobile before tapping or flipping it to snooze/dismiss the alarm, so why not make that screen a bit more useful to the viewer – still showing the fact that it is a wake up alarm and the time in a large font, but adding that snapshot so that you can kind of get that extra kick in the AM when your mobile is waking you up.

My thinking is that this can be pulled from the day view on the calendar since this information and presentation already exists on that level.

*The red and green tabs just stand in for the Snooze and Dismiss buttons as they are positioned on the current implementation of this screen from the Alarm Bot.

This makes sense to me – and somehow seems like something that I used to have with my old Palm Treo and its alarm function. Nevertheless, I thought to submit this because it wasn’t just a good idea, but in seeing our calendar/tasks in the AM when we wake up, it might not make us faster to get things done, but better inputs into our day the items that need most be on our plate. For me, that would stave off a few minutes of foggy thinking and put me in a better position to be mobile-enabled and productive.

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