Enhancement to Nokia Bots’ Alarm Bot Wake Up Screen

I’m a big fan of the Nokia Bots experimental application on my Nokia N97. Of all the kinds of applications that I have used, this one has actually contributed to me using my mobile a lot less because it is designed around automating certain interactions with my device that I would ordinarly think about (it learns what I do and adapts parts of the UI). This morning, as I tapped the screen to snooze the alarm, I realized that the Alarm Bot functionality for Nokia Bots could be enhanced a touch better if it offered just a bit more as I was looking at the screen to snooze or dismiss the alarm.
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Mental Models and Paradigm Shifts

Office by Bike and Coffee - Share on OviIn many respects, I think parenting is as much an art form as contour line drawing. You set forth kids to achieve some set some ideals that speak towards your cultural (spiritual, sociological, etc.) leanings, while giving them the ability to carve out a life for themselves. My parents were innovative thinkers in their own right, and the foundational models they have laid for me have contributed greatly to where I am today.

When I think about this in the context of computing, we are in for an incredibly wild ride once the elder generations pass, and the generation to come starts talking.
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