The Landing/Splash Page Making a Comeback

Maybe it is a good thing, maybe it just means that we never really left the early years of web design. No matter the perspective, it seems as if we’ve gone back to landing/splash pages, and it might not be a completely bad thing.

My friend Rita El Khoury is one of the latest people that I’ve seen do this, and certainly one of the few outside of a few web and social media-centric circles to do it. But, this idea of creating your own landing/splash page makes a lot of sense for people who might carry a bit more weight in various social circles, and need or want to have a single place to manage things that better fits their profile/character than a Google or Facebook-type of profile page.
Rita's new Blog front-End
For personal marketing and branding, I think this is an excellent move. Much like a resume/CV, having a landing page that is attached to your own domain name makes it easy to point people to the best means to not just contact you, but also see those items that you are connected to.

Going further, this is also a way for people to keep up with what public entities that they would let others see that they connect to. If you will, making their digital footprint more under their own view/ownership than just that of any one else who would track these footprints.

Now, if one were to take this to an extreme (I’ll point to myself since that only seems right), you can turn this landing page into more than just a billboard toward whom you are and what you do. Enterprising folks can and should start taking the DNA of their professional lives and embedding a means to interact with this thread on this kind of page. In a sense, getting beyond just a passive “place to be found online” and pushing more into a personal portal page.

If you’ve been to my landing page lately, you will see that I’ve done things like improve the readability, added a meta-tagged description, and added RSS feeds to some of my digital arenas. There’s also a good bit of things happening in the code that makes up the page to make it better able to not just be read by a person, but machine readable so that I can see how exactly machines are connecting to how I connect with parts of the world around me.

Business Card (v1.4) - Share on Ovi

Back in the day (yikes, that was only a mere decade ago), splash pages where nothing more than heavy music-induced slideshows where companies and people basically wanted to capture your attention before actually letting you see what they are about. Now, these pages are more about not making you stick around, but giving you an open door to explore some areas where a person travels online. Besides the obvious implications of having your social graph in plain view, it gives you the power to better direct how you present your character to a digital-facing world.

And when you think about it, that’s kind of the point of all of these fun colors and links anyways 😉

2 thoughts on “The Landing/Splash Page Making a Comeback

  1. I totally remember those landing pages with music and silly flash animations! (glad that trend is gone, btw) I took a look around your own page and I definitely like it, the RSS feeds and the Barcode are very nice ideas to have. I might have to add a Barcode myself.

  2. I am so very, very glad that gaudy designs are mostly gone. They will come back, I am seeing inklings of things happening and it just ain’t pretty (lol).

    Thanks for the comments about my page. I’m in e midst of researching how to better use a few things on my mobile to further make that page useful. Would be nice to point folks to my webpage and let them see that I am busy, leaving the other forms of contact there for interaction. Or, something else 😉

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