Magazines as Aggregators

What if your favorite newspapers and magazines, instead of creating and culturing journalists and subjects, were able to pull them together via a kind of aggregated feed (or Twitter stream) of posts from their authors? Could such a model work? What could be potential issues?

I had this thought once before ini reference to MMM, but didn’t go forward with it because there is (unfortunately, still) too few folks that create targeted content. Then again, there are a ton of folks who create content that feeds into what becomes MMM articles. And more often than not, I have been using Twitter as an editorial filter.

So, what if MMM’s authors became featured on the MMM Twitter feed, but then the content of the articles sat on the authors’s sites? The authors would keep their brand and a responsibility to MMM to publish certain targeted content, but would otherwise be just using MMM as a spoke to their audiences.

In such a scenario, the brand of MMM becomes that if a network of stories and persons, rather than one person who vets, and then if it were to be the case that I would go off the scene, it would not mean the death if the vision.

Would I need to teach potential authors how to write, or what would look like specific content? How much time (more or less) does vetting articles in a feed then take – could that be automated?

And because it is a feed, not a site, how does that change author relations, mobile access, and even MMM as a service?

Things to think about, but you know, it sounds like something of the right kind of evolution of MMM. Maybe it would find better relevance in such a mode.