iPad As Creation Station (or Creation in Connected Spaces)

I know that I’m on this meme of using the iPad more for productivity and creation-based tasks, but there’s really something to it. I think that the iPad (and similar sized tablets) can not only excel here, but also should reinvent how we go about thinking and producing works.

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Is Local Storage as Needed

Evernote on the iPad and N8 - Share on OviWith one of the projects that I’m working on these days, I find that it is helpful to use Google Docs for a lot of the work. Part of this is because I am between several cities, but the other reason is that in respect to the many of these documents are going through several rounds of reviews and converations. The end product is usually that ownership is shared, and that I’m usually travling when we are conversing about them. So, do I really need to store/edit everything locally for anything more than archiving?
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The Incomplete Tablet Input Question

The Office in Transition - Share on OviI was just reading some quick impressions about a new iPad case that includes a keyboard as part of the case by mt friend Sammy Mac over at Palm Addict. I am interested in it simply because it looks like a good idea, but also because it seems like an incomplete answer to what seems to be a major issue with many of the tablet (and mobile) devices out there – the question of how to skillfully and efficiently handle inputing text (and other items).
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Two Wheels To Friendly Roads

2009 Trek Valencia against a 2005 Honda Civic - Share on OviFor the next few months, I’ll be doing a whole lot of traveling (at least three cities primarily, and definitely two additional states on occasion). One of the things that I’ll miss most about these travels is that I’ll have less time to ride. I’ve found though that it will be on me to find the friendly roads, and enjoy the people and places in between.
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