Faith and the Small Details

Am currently reading Twelve Ordinary Men (MacArthur, Amazon) and am again reading this book that challenges me to pay attention to details in faith that I commonly want to skip.

It is not enough that I have taken a chance in this life, success or not, to move to this area, to find life and keep hope for having a life. No, I do these things well aware that it is hard for me to stay calm, persistent, passionate, and diligent. I want to let it all go away, I want to sleep. But, I know that this is a good moment to believe in.

I am on the boat. I am looking again in the distance and seeing Life as a figure walking towards me. And instead of waiting, I want to go out and meet Him. And how do I respond now in getting out and walking a few steps… I am afraid that I am sinking. Like Peter, it seems that I missed some details in living in faith.

I told a friend recently on Twitter that in moving to a new blog platform that she should not worry about the old posts being on the new site. Rather, leave the past in the past and just continue forward. But, we never really do that. We live today based on decisions from that past. Good and bad. We are effected by those moments, and if we forget those details, then we risk our faith for today not having a sure footing.

My faith in today, faith in the moment that I am called into is made up of some details. Some of these details are the elements if our past. Some of those moments are the right now. I am not weeping this time in the reading of faith before mine. I did before, because I see now how limited I am. But I am hopeful, the faith will turn into something that improves the lives of folks around me, and maybe even those whom, I constantly see in my dreams,