Is Anyone Paying Attention to the Shift

Oh this is good. Taken nearly out if context on my part, and at the same time speaks to the paradigm shift that so many are missing.

I was sitting at the back of the pre-brief pondering RIM’s enterprise position. I’ve been watching one particular Fortune 100 company go through the pain of iPad evaluation, recognising that if you want iPad in the business, you need to play by Apple’s rules — i.e. you put the user in full control of their experience. Completely unnatural for most IT departments.

Now, while this note is taken from Mobile Industry Review’s coverage of RIM’s new Playbook, the point is really oh so simple: people do not want someone else dictating how their tools best make them live and work. IT should be adjusting to an enablement culture, not trying to continue with the administrate and lord culture that has marked computing until last decade.

I wonder who else will see this. I know that some kids are 😉