Maybe it is because on a rainy day, you get to spend a bit more time in reflective thought. Or, maybe it is seeing a fellow mobilist do something that I had long thought was normal for thought/action leaders in mobile. But, honestly, I’m angry and discouraged about some aspects of life and tech. More often than not, and especially online, the ones that are doing some notable good are drowned out by various louder and usually not-as-fully informed others.

I don’t want to call out any site, as I don’t think it should be the point of this post to do that, but it is something of an astute observation that I’ve seen and kind of wish came to the front of certain conversations a bit more. There are some of the louder personalities who seem to do much in terms of raising a ruckus about this and that, but all that they effectively seem to do best is to drown out some really notable effects.

For example, the other week was the Nokia World conference. Instead of bloggers, journalists, and analysts looking for and speaking about both the good innovations and perplexing market position Nokia is in (they lead the market by a few miles, but have done less on the flashy high-end side of the market than Apple/Google in terms of perception of newness), we get commentary after commentary about how “Nokia is fighting back.” Fighting back from what? A look at the full story notes that there’s a company in Nokia who – despite diminishing profits – still manages to dominate mobile computing. So we get those commentaries. And the innovations such as projects happening with Nokia’s Research Center or the democracation of the web because of Nokia’s reach with mobile (see all of the day 2 keynotes at Nokia’s Press site) are left to backside discussions.

I read about things happening politically with schools and the conversation always goes back to “we want this policy or that policy,” instead of “our kids are falling behind in learning the basics they need to survive when we die before we can pass these layers of legislation.” I mean really, how hard is it to just simply push the red tape aside and just educate folks – countries in SE Asia don’t have most of our economic “power” and seem to do very well, and often.

Or, maybe it really is just the rain and despite the temperature being great for riding, I can’t. The quality of the streets is bad enough for cars, let alone bikes. I did a simple drive to the coffeeshop and each intersection looked as if there was a layer of soap that was on top of the tar. No wonder people think I’d slip around wearing these instead of duck hunting boots.

I look back on the view trends of this blog and notice how I rarely even get many readers. Much of what I write here is a lot like a street preacher standing in an alley waiting for something besides a cat to take notice. I’m really concerned about the messages that people are listening to, but aside from compromising certain values to attach to other sites/persons, I don’t see a way to extend this voice outside of this alley – or am even sure that it matters, this is only a blog about some guy’s raw thoughts.

Perhaps its best to go back to being head-down – focusing on things that will eventually lead to those solid contributions being eventually louder than the current drones. But, I have to say that I’ve had to make this decision many times over the past years and its never easy. There’s just too much mess out there sometimes. And the more that I’m around it, the more I feel like I’m really only adding to the ineptness, not creating something better because of it.