Brighthand: Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Full Review w/Additional Pics

Samsung Fascinate Pics from N97 - Share on Ovi
That was a bit quick (from my perspective). Brighthand has published my review of the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon. As with the other Samsung Galaxy S models that I’ve reviewed this summer, this one features an excellent screen and will surprise some with how slick the overall Google Android experience is. Jump on over and check out the entire review and see some additional pics at the Samsung Fascinate photo gallery on Ovi Share.

Three Screens and Some Natural Light

Much of my day today has been spent looking outside of the window towards clouds and rain. It causes reflection and a few naps if you aren’t careful. At the moment, the reflectioned thoughts center around the three screens that I use and how they all aren’t as necessary as I once thought.
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The Good Ones Are Drowned Out

Maybe it is because on a rainy day, you get to spend a bit more time in reflective thought. Or, maybe it is seeing a fellow mobilist do something that I had long thought was normal for thought/action leaders in mobile. But, honestly, I’m angry and discouraged about some aspects of life and tech. More often than not, and especially online, the ones that are doing some notable good are drowned out by various louder and usually not-as-fully informed others.
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