Maybe it is because of the current personal financial crunch I’m going through. Or, maybe it is because until today, it had been nearly two weeks since I biked (or remember biking). Nevertheless, the folks over at Urban Velo have posted an unbelivable amount of images related to their coverage of the Interbike 2010 Bike show. And seriously speaking, there’s a lot of stuff that I not only could see myself having – but makes me want to get out and ride all that much more.

So far, I’ve seen that they have three days worth of image dumps and are planning to post a note about each one (yikes). Everything from bikes, to accessories, to apparel, to parts. Whether or not you are into bicycling, this is still am impressive collage of items.

And the bikes… whoot! Colorful, though a bit too many are the hipster-type variety (single speed, fixed or freewheel). Some are really nice. And maybe I’ll come back to this post and highlight those that caught my eye (for example, this tweet about this bike). Until that point (if ever), here’s the links to the photo galleries:

Check out Urban Velo for more coverage of Interbike and several other bicycling-related topics. Don’t tell them too loudly that I liked their coverage -they might want an editor over a tester ya know 😉