MMM: WIP/VDCC Cross-Platform Discissons

This week, MMM was invited to the Verizon Developer’s Conference in Las Vegas to participate with WIP alongside their management and coverage of the unpanel and a few chat sessions. Just published a small recap of one aspect of our participation during one of the conversations over at MMM. Here’s a snippet of some of what I do for a living 😉

…As a resource and analyst, one of the challenges is always to promote the statistics and the information that allows developers to make sound decisions towards where they can make solid applications. For example, you will never hear MMM tell you that Symbian isn’t a good platform to develop for, unless your target audience for your content is in an area where Symbian is not a primary focus for the carrier/user base. In the same accord, as a developer, you have to broaden your research and analysis horizons beyond just those persons who are “louder” about what positions they have, and make sure that you are seeing those folks who are holding a contrary viewpoint…

Read the rest at MMM.

For events like this, the challenge isn’t just also to be a skilled participant, but to also have an ability to write (and keep) notes. I lost the notes to one session, but should soon have that and other impressions from this event published at MMM. Stay tuned.