Urban Velo’s Interbike 2010 Image Dumps

Maybe it is because of the current personal financial crunch I’m going through. Or, maybe it is because until today, it had been nearly two weeks since I biked (or remember biking). Nevertheless, the folks over at Urban Velo have posted an unbelivable amount of images related to their coverage of the Interbike 2010 Bike show. And seriously speaking, there’s a lot of stuff that I not only could see myself having – but makes me want to get out and ride all that much more.
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Opening Imaginations with Present Technologies

I think that devices like the iPad are neat not just because they point to some of the changes that are happening with technology, but also how it can point people to thinking and interacting with their environments in ways that look more like their dreams, and less like the limitations of current practices.
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MMM: WIP/VDCC Cross-Platform Discissons

This week, MMM was invited to the Verizon Developer’s Conference in Las Vegas to participate with WIP alongside their management and coverage of the unpanel and a few chat sessions. Just published a small recap of one aspect of our participation during one of the conversations over at MMM. Here’s a snippet of some of what I do for a living 😉
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