What Happens in My Head in Vegas

For a bit this week, I am attending the Verizon Developer’s Conference for a few days this week in Las Vegas and I’m currently in a bit of chill time before another event tonight. I’ve got a bit of work to do, but am sitting in the midst of a few thoughts.

Las Vegas is indeed a different place than when I last visited here. There are several more hotels than I am used to, and it seems as if there are some people who have maintained an ability to keep some funds during this recessionary time.

There have been a few conversations that I’ve had and overheard. There’s action. A lot of action. But, I’m not sure about any of this action moving any of society forward.

You see, as an entrepreneur (MMM), I have to think about my social responsibility with this. Is there a social value to MMM? Is there a benefit to a magazine which looks at mobile technology for an audience that is being educated on the fly? What really will change if this exists? What won’t? If this didn’t exist, would something have been missing in mobile, life, etc. that would otherwise not be looked at?

Is this to scratch an itch. Am I doing this to become one of the many people that I’ve seen here who are spending life freely – seemingly without many cares? Am I doing this for any kind of fame?

Don’t get me wrong. I know and ask myself every day of my motivations. But, I’m here instead of on that other working field. I’m here watching a city that transforms itself every few years to match some perception of what life could look like as a breath of water in the desert. Am I being water to something that’s needed, or just pushing something that in the end takes away more than what it gives back?

It is interesting what coming here has done to me. There were times when I would have fell away from even this next event in fear because of things that I deal with in my head. You see, what goes on in Vegas happens first in my head. And today, what goes on in my head is whether I’ve gambled too much. Asking simply if I’ve measured the cost…

…and if I have. What happens if I don’t get this water out of my head and into the lives of folks that need it?

Winning, this gamble, is not defined by what I have on my hands and in my pocket. It will be defined by what I leave for others to prosper with. What happens when those things in my head become something others can life forward from?

I’m here. Guess I better find out.