Books: Reading, Reviewing, Recommending

I’ve been held up with a pretty nasty cold the past few days and so posting has been nothing short of automatic except for Twitter. Good thing usually then to happen when I take time away from writing, such as getting to read or see the fruits of reading. Three of these these items are worth noting.

Currently Reading
There are two books which fall into my category of currently reading. The first one I’ve mentioned here a few times before – Abusing Scripture by Manfred T. Brauch. This book is taking me a lot longer to get through it than I would have figured. But, its been a good reading. It leaves a lot to think about in respect to reading and interpreting Scripture. I’ve learned a lot so far. Neat note about this book, I ended up repurchasing it through the Amazon Kindle service/reader for my iPad and gave my print copy to a friend. Going digital for this book made a lot of sense.

The other book sitting in my currently reading list is Twelve Ordinary Men by by John MacArthur. This one I also have in its Kindle format and am reading it along with a group of guys that I d a bi-weekly Bible study and men’s fellowship group with. I’ve been through this book once before, and its proving to be an enlightening read this next time around.

Books Reviewed
This post was prompted by seeing for sale a book that I took some part in doing some pre-publication reviewing. That book is the MeeGo 1.0 Mobile Application Development Cookbook from Packt Publishing. I was asked to take a look at the book chapter by chapter due to some background with the Maemo and MeeGo platforms. And while I’m not an application developer, I was able to lend a hand in smoothing out some of the readability issues around this release. This too is offered in both print and digital versions.

A book that I’ve recently read and reviewed after it was published formally is Thin Places by Chip Furr. I’ve posted my review over at MMM earlier this week – but will summarize here in saying that the challenge that I’ve had, especially this week, in living in those thin and deep places with God is something that hits a lot of us at various points in our lives. How we respond is key.

The big thing in reading today is to make recommendations and share them via Amazon or some other social network. Whatever happened to just walking into a coffee shop or bookstore and asking the person with their nose in the book if its good or not? I guess that in some respects, I pine a bit for simpler times.

If you were to ask me if the iPad is a better reading device than the Kindle, then I’d probably tell you the Kindle wins out here. Its smaller and lighter, and lends itself more to just reading. That being said, there are some magazines, and magazine-like experiences being done on the iPad which make it too well worth it. You almost can’t go wrong if you did an iPad with the Kindle app (though your wallet might like either version of the Kindle a bit more).

What is most true about reading is that you really can get nearly anything you want in the format you desire. With the exception of magazines that I like to read, most even come in a digital format (I read a lot of niche publications). And that tends to work out whether you are a person who reads one book per decade, or one book per week.