Nokia Plug and Touch Blends Screens and Gestures

Nokia Plug and Touch Demo, via Electric Pig UKSometimes, its not enough for people to dream about what they want, we get to see the results of companies which are able to take those dreams and make something magical with it. Such is the case with Nokia’s Research Center and many of the technologies which they come up with. The latest of these comes from their Beijing NRC branch and is called Plug and Touch.
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Symbian and the Case of Growing Noticeable

I spend a lot of time around mobile devices (some would say a bro is obsessive). I do enjoy the conveniences they’ve opened up over the years.  Leaning more towards being an interest, I spend time in mobile device areas that are just under the radar of most of what is considered popular of “innovative.” Areas such as user experience (UX), user interface design (UI), marketing/outreach, and live-use/reviewing. Some of platforms are more noticeable than others in terms of media popularity or in certain segments of the population. But only one seems to be fighting for a perception that matches it’s market share – Symbian.
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