Poem: Dear Job

Dear job
Have I told you lately that I love you
Then let me

I’m given
Many little thoughts to turn to
The opening of opportunity so clear it
Pushes me
Forward then I struggle
Arguments over specs have us tuggle
And then I break into mid-morning coffee
Someone took the sugar
And the manager’s a’ comin’
Not another meeting where the smart boards are a humming
I am
My deadlines meet extensions
Might be
Getting a promotion so highly favored because I need then
The hours don’t move fast enough
But here’s that project that’s not so tough
I fall into a trance as I find it ain’t to rough to maximize my

Dear job
Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you all the ways I loathe you
Breaking my lunch in two
The arduous routine
Bathrooms don’t smell so clean
Finding my desk where I left that zone-like phase it was my dream
To produce
Every meeting
A freedom from or latching to another noose
More projects
A breaking through
Or a silent excuse of execution’s abuse but we press on
Till coffee returns
Too late
Had I even mentioned that I missed the last convention
Then let me

I was
Late after breaks
Coding and testing for hours
Kinda boring
Fell asleep listening to Norman
Every office has that dude that talks like radio went out of style this morning
But I made it
Right when the sun came I made it
Cameo appearances by angels in the night
Helped me through the project so my vacation is in sight
No more little thoughts to turn to
Just a brief meeting
Can I present
Ooh, ooh
Am not ready for it but the coffee stain matches my pacing
Back and forth
To produce this plate and
My passion’s dinner
To move towards
This place where I am a winner
Anyone got a cord
These walls
My cube
The results need patience but I’ll pursue
My passion
This job
I love you
It ain’t odd
Just a simple receipt of life’s paycheck declaration
I love you job
But today I need a vacation.

Dear job
Have I told you lately that I love you
In that case, let the weekend begin