Obsessive About Mobile?

Well, if its on the Internet then it must be true right?

To say that the host of the last Carnival, Antoine RJ Wright, is into mobile technology is something of an understatement. I think it might be fair to say he’s got a little obsession! Supporting that is his submission, in which he takes a look at some cool thoughts on the Future of Screens from the user interface firm TAT.

Well, maybe a little. But, that can be said about all of us who contribute to the Carnival of the Mobilists. This week, its being hosted by my good friends over at WIP Connector and there’s a nice slice of writing suitable to those just getting their feet wet, as well as those looking to make a few bucks in the field. Grab a cup of coffee and check it out.

And maybe I’ll ease up on (some) of the more passionate sides of mobile I present… maybe.