Future is Now, Mobile in Present Tense Please

This is one long day. And in the midst of this day, it has been an understanding and attention to mobile (and faith) that has made the difference in how I have rolled along so far. So, for me to keep reading that there is a mobile future to be experienced, it feels like a bunch of crock.

This is not meant to point out any websites, companies, or even conferences happening now. But, we really have been talking mobile future this and that for a long time. When are those who talk, and organize the talkers, going to take the needed next step of actually living mobile.

For example, instead of seeing yet another demonstration of AR (augmented reality), show me the conference where AR is the pushed method of interaction by all of the participants.

Are you a mobilist? The let’s hear more about how the use of your mobile device is pushing your specific niche forward, or how it is enabling the lives of others. How about a lost less of the social daring of trying the new service or device flavor of the week.

Where are the folks changing the definition of mobile, such as 3G Doctor? Or taking the information gathered from the folks at Pew Internet and turning them into behavioral lessons for students getting their stride into a new semester by teaching at local colleges?

I’m guilty too. There is a lot of talk that happens, and not enough of the kinds of enablement that turns tech from something of wonder, into something more. I used to see this when I gave away my mobile devices. I couldn’t just give, but had to train folks too. Follow up with some folks, and then live with them today, with the actualized abilities these tools grant us.

Yes, I have a mobile web server, but let’s take that tech and make it present tense for a ton more folks. Let’s really make mobile something that’s more than just another techie toy and conference excuse,

And then let’s leave those prophecies of what’s to come in mobile for those power-users.

One thought on “Future is Now, Mobile in Present Tense Please

  1. Moments like this make me eat my words from time to time. Seems that I am now without a working wireless keyboard to use with either if my mobile devices. Keyboard only lasted for one year. Am not happy with this, and really need to figure a way to address content creation with mobie, because this doesn’t seem to get addressed at all.

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