Dead Batteries, Alive Imaginations

Instead of sleeping, I am lying in my bed typing this on a mobile device that’s no longer dead to life (aka, its plugged in). And there are moments from tonite that spark me all the more.

The first moment happened at a coffeehouse I frequent. The older couple came in, and as usual, remarked at my Vibram shoes. And as usual, we smiled, greeted each other and bantered a bit. Then the wife asked me about my iPad. You couldn’t buy the display of joy on her face as she played with it, coloring in Adobe Ideas and looking at her birthplace via Google Maps.

Some moments are really that magical.

The next moment came during a Bible study. The brothers were talking of Saul/Paul’s missionary journeys, and per my usual brain, I wanted some additional context. I remembered that I owned a print book of the works of Eusubius, but didn’t have it with me. No biggie. Fired up the Kindle app, did a quick search in the store, and found a barebones version of the book for 99 cents. In less than a minute I was checking context and had a question answered.

Amazing the times we live in.

If you blink, you just might miss that we live in a time of realized imaginations. And we aren’t done yet. Just the simple act of typing this while in bed evokes feelings of journaling, while also playing the role of letting me be storyteller and publisher of my thoughts.

Will this be as read as the post about the Qu’ran burning I made earlier in the day? Nope. Is it any less a display of the times we live? Nope.

Even disconnected with no power to my mobile, I was able to enjoy a late night bike ride home. Smell the air. Race the moon. Nod to a few police officers. And take in something that I used to wildly dream about.

Sparked to live. Leave notes of value here and there. While noting to value there and here.

Sparked to live.