Refining the Digital Business Card (v1.4)

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I’ve been working in the background/foreground again with this digital business card, and have pretty much come to yet another milestone with things. Part of it has to do with some of the features being just fine, the other part of things is that I’m inclined to take a considerable step forward in the next iteration.

There has not been any major changes – keeping with much of what happened in the v1.3. What I have concentrated on doing this time around was refining the formula, and setting up a major change.

The Refinements
I’ve been taken to task for my mobile web server being down from time to time, but am committed by an act of a beach and salt water to now not have to worry about that as much. This means that I can concentrate on making changes, and just rolling them out to one mobile device, instead of two or more.

Version 1.4 sees the addition of my new personal logo. This logo isn’t so much “new” as it is a refinement of the previous logo. The “olive branch” theme has been grown out a bit – showing thicker leaves and branches. The color scheme has been tweaked on the leaves, and the gradient given a bit more attention to smoothness. Lastly, five of the seven leaves feature a two color scheme. Following in the guise of Elephants, leaves grow and mature over time – and while I’m no where near done yet, I do realize the progress since I started growing.

This logo was created with Inkscape, as the original purpose was to create an SVG icon and then slowly change over the CSS icons on the entire card into SVG ones. Unfortunately, some issues with my mobile web server prevent me from displaying SVG files correctly, and so I’m using a bit of an image replacement technique to load the PNG version of the logo instead. Once that issue is addressed, I’ll open that part of the code up.

The last refinement comes in respect towards simplicity and respecting the development of web browsers. Because many web browsers are now seeing the value of microformats, I see no need to keep the manual “Download vCard” button on this page. Instead, in keeping with my mobile and AR-like leanings, getting to this page via a special URL will enable you to download the encoded vCard information on this page, and will allow for further interactions with a bro.

Future Plans
As I stated with the personal logo, I plan to make a major move of all of these icons from being coded with CSS into being made SVG icons. Not only will this allow me to improve the presentation of things, I’ll also be able to do some other fancy embedded-information tricks which further the idea that a business card is more than just a sheet of paper that’s handed between persons.

That being said, I know that I’m behind in turning this into a print-ready format. I can do that with this version, but with the move to SVG icons, I’ll fare a lot better, and do less overall work if I can stick things out in that format. There’ll still be a lot of CSS3 and HTML here, just a bit more learning on the browser to do the work than having dedicated images.

Business Cards Should Be a Creative Canvas
As a business card, I believe that this is also a canvas that I should use to explore ways to improve and enhance my skill set. Sure, I’m relying on my mobile to be on (mostly), but that’s part of my unique branded approach as well. Better to keep that formula refined, than to let it rust into obscurity.