TAT: The Future of Screens

This was really a treat to see this morning. And true to form, I wasn’t even out of bed, but looking at it on my mobile.

The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) is a user interface firm which I’ve pointed to several times here. They do an excellent job with mobile user interfaces, and I’ve grown to really like a lot of their concept work. If you will, they give me much homework in the areas of UI and UX.

Recently, they had an open discussion on several input-driven mobile futures (called the Open Innovation Lab), and the winning discussion/innovation was the future of screens. As you probably see/deal with in your own life, there are screens for everything. With the increasingly connected world many of us live in, looking at better, more efficient, and somewhat more natural interactions with one another through these screens is pratically something that must be done. TAT did this, and many contributed to the discussion.

After an initial storyboard was developed, the results were produced in their future OS and screens experiences video (also linked below).

It is somewhat amazing to see my name as a contributor to their work, and all together challenging to step up my understanding, application, and living of some extended UX principles. But, as I said before, there’s a lot to be learned and applied around connected spaces, the various types of screens we use, and how we stay productive in the midst of these. I enjoy conceptual videos like these because they provoke me to not just dream, but to take what I have around me and try new things. This sparks me all the more.

Here’s the tweet from @tatmobileui, enjoy the video:

The Future of Screens – a normal day 2015 with proximity sensing, e-ink, transparent, and flexible screens

Edit/Update: For all of the fun that I have with my mobile device in living many of the things shown in this video, some things are harder than others, such as composing this post and embedding links and media in an efficient manner. Perhaps looking at authoring content needs to jump to something just as high on my plate as the screens that I use to consume content.

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