Reading More Or Appreciating Less Friction

Somewhere, we got it in our heads that reading requires all kinds of constructs – paper, flipping pages, uninterrupted experiences, etc. And yes, to consume information does require some of these, but for one reason or another, report after report are finding it surprising that digital effects seem to do a lot for Gen Y and younger folks enjoying the behavior of reading more. I’d argue that it has less to do with reading as a behavior, and more to do with the fact that much about digital reading reduces the friction that some traditionalists believe is necessary.
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Flipping the Job Hunting Market, Or Maybe More

I was just reading about yet another head-hunter (job finder, resume, CV, etc.) engine. And I have to ask if it is really needed? Aren’t search engines now advanced enough that everyone should prety much look to get their own server and put on there a resume/CV that is searchable, malleable, and for the most part, not needing of being placed on yet another service?
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Observations and Thoughts Around Screens and Near Interactions

Back when the TAT UX video, The Future of Screens, was released, I remarked that this would provide for me some homework. I meant that in respect to how I observe interactions with people and screens, and how realistic this could be in some contexts, and how it would have to change in others. This area is an aspect of observational-based design research that I am taking some time for today. The following are some thoughts composed as I am seeing them and from my iPad.
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Brighthand: Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Full Review w/Additional Pics

Samsung Fascinate Pics from N97 - Share on Ovi
That was a bit quick (from my perspective). Brighthand has published my review of the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon. As with the other Samsung Galaxy S models that I’ve reviewed this summer, this one features an excellent screen and will surprise some with how slick the overall Google Android experience is. Jump on over and check out the entire review and see some additional pics at the Samsung Fascinate photo gallery on Ovi Share.

The Good Ones Are Drowned Out

Maybe it is because on a rainy day, you get to spend a bit more time in reflective thought. Or, maybe it is seeing a fellow mobilist do something that I had long thought was normal for thought/action leaders in mobile. But, honestly, I’m angry and discouraged about some aspects of life and tech. More often than not, and especially online, the ones that are doing some notable good are drowned out by various louder and usually not-as-fully informed others.
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Urban Velo’s Interbike 2010 Image Dumps

Maybe it is because of the current personal financial crunch I’m going through. Or, maybe it is because until today, it had been nearly two weeks since I biked (or remember biking). Nevertheless, the folks over at Urban Velo have posted an unbelivable amount of images related to their coverage of the Interbike 2010 Bike show. And seriously speaking, there’s a lot of stuff that I not only could see myself having – but makes me want to get out and ride all that much more.
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MMM: WIP/VDCC Cross-Platform Discissons

This week, MMM was invited to the Verizon Developer’s Conference in Las Vegas to participate with WIP alongside their management and coverage of the unpanel and a few chat sessions. Just published a small recap of one aspect of our participation during one of the conversations over at MMM. Here’s a snippet of some of what I do for a living 😉
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