The Blind Spot

Just read a thought-provoking post over at the Public Bikes Blog. It definitely has me considering to ride more often not just because it’s a smart thing to do, but because it’s sometimes better to remove those things we are so accustomed to we don’t usually see. Here’s a snippet:

…Yet an eye level survey, from almost any angle in South Park, will reveal that cars take up most of the visual space. It’s hard to even see the architecture or the people in the park. The sidewalk is pinched to a point where you can fit in one petite café table, barely. There is not enough space for legal bike racks, so there are none. None. Except the ones in our no cars allowed driveway…

This was the comment that I left there:

Excellent piece, and glad that I read it after I decided to ride rather than drive to my usual coffeeshop. Yes, its hot here in NC, and driving is [one] part a relief in days like this, [but] I think even that kind of thinking is what leads to that blind spot you are speaking of. And while its true that advocacy can and should do a bit more all over towards making people aware of such sight deficiencies, we who ride would also be well to do our part towards being that different view of living which helps us all live better.

Read the rest of the post and think about all the other things that we take for granted as a part of life, but might be of a bigger consequence if we don’t start minding those blind spots.