Salt Water is Good For… *updated*

I took a trip to the beach yesterday, and while I had a great time, I got a few quick lessons on the fun of sand and salt.

For one, sand and salt are great just from a scent perspective. You get within a hour or so to a good beach and your body just feels refreshed at the smell of things. Just smelling the water that I get in made me smile.

2010 Beach Trip

Then there was getting the sand in between my toes. Ah! Just ah. Even with my Vibram Five Fingers (Flow), it felt great. Mental note: sand inside the shoes isn’t so great.

There were some excellent waves too. Warm water. And tons of moments for good shots. Which brings up the other thing about salt and sand, mobile phones.

Foolishly, I had my phone (the Nokia X6) in my hand when washing out my shoes, I didn’t realize it for a sec but looked down to find a wet mobile. Why can’t we all get the waterproof mobiles sold in Japan (not that mess of a mobile they call rugged phones here)?

It was my bad, and so I might have lost a few really good pics. But, I had another mobile and so that should help things. Still, the sand and salt evoked their lessons.

Will have to post pics soon. Still getting salt and sand off my body – and letting it take a while to do so.

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