Explaining the Table of Mobiles

Table of Mobiles - ARJWright, Share on Ovi
This past Saturday, I got a chance to connect with a few brothers and we had a moment that seems to only prop itself up when a few of us get together: a table of mobiles.

What is really interesting about this view, is the types of mobiles that are here. Granted, ownership was only spread between two guys (in this shot), there’s still some interesting things to behold.

The Nokia E73 at the top of the screen was a friend’s latest move to a device that simply got the job done as a smart, capable, and durable mobile. I reviewed it a little bit ago for Brighthand, and was very impressed with it for similar reasons.

The iPhone 4 made an appearance, and for all that it is in terms of a new mobile, its also nothing great. It is the refinement of a well done formula, and you can’t knock Apple for that. Still, I kind of wish they did more than just put a pretty face on there.

The Samsung Epic4G is a newbie, I just received that to review for Brighthand this week. This device has me impressed despite it being in the same family as the Captivate and Vibrant. So far, I feel that its a better device than the other two, though it has its own quirks. My review of this one shall be coming soon. Until then, stay tuned to my Epic4G Gallery at Ovi Share as I’ll be uploading pics there which should contribute to my review impressions.

Back where the glasses are is the Samsung Intercept that I just reviewed. Despite being the cheapest mobile at the table, it didn’t seem as out of place in the looks department.

My Nokia N97 is also in the shot (the green phone). It was not out of place, even being a year older than most of what is on the table. The fact that the Epic4G is probably the closest to it (surpassing it in the opinion of some) seems like a good fit for me. I only wish that the issues with system memory were able to be addressed – alas, its a hardware thing, but the software updates have been very excellent.

The black pad-looking thing is my iPad encased in a (given, thanks) Apple iPad case. It is probably about time that a bro got some protection for that device given all the biking that I do with it on my back. I’d love to make some kind of strap around that case though, considering how much I like to keep my packing light when riding, that would be be great.

Lastly, there’s my X6 (my Brighthand review). The X6 gets a bad rap from a lot of folks, but I genuinely like this little device. More often than not, its what I prefer to take with me when riding since it slips into my pocket so easily. And its generally very stable. I only wish that it weren’t cracked. I’d probably have given it away already if it were in pristine condition.

Now, that’s a lot of mobile devices, but each of them has some kind of purpose (speaking not so much about the two Samsung devices). My friend and I choose personal devices based on how they perform for us in our day to day lives. Part of that is being able to explore software and new types of interactions, but the other part of that is how those devices aid in helping us to enrich the lives of others.

For he and I, we work together at MMM in order to translate some of this like of those things mobile and shiny into a life that makes some sense and enables people to step forward in how they approach life, technology, and faith. Beyond that though, these devices allow us to share with those we know and don’t know the benefit of interpersonal communication. For example, when at that meeting, my mobile only buzz me one time where I had to take the call, the rest of the time it sat away and didn’t disturb the fellowship. When mobiles, or any technology, can do that, then we start to see a platter of good things happen in our lives and friendships.

There could have been more mobiles in that shot (there were a few more around the table). But, for what was there, and for what it signified, this was a really good set. I wonder which of these will be at this same table next year 😉 We talked about it, it isn’t looking so good for any of them except one of our iPads.