Poem: I Remember That Eclipse

Every time that the memory comes around
I look for that eclipse
That strange moment when stars aligned and by the grace of God I beheld
A star’s smile

Leave it to me to ask of the smile to never leave
Knowing that it was prophesied that this smile would receed over the horizon
Only to be a memory to recapture
Name it once you’ve seen it
Such starlight trails are enough to be drunk over
And at such a passing you must move on
Away from the gravatational pull
Away from the momentary alignment
And maybe find a calculation which would define that return in this lifetime
But I’m no mathematician, so I pray
God I know that you took from my view such a heavenly body
But here I pray
For another chance to catch a live glimpse of that smile
And if possible this time abide a while with her travels
Travel in and through your heavenly places
Moving together as you sing to our hearts, “come, come in”
Allow us to share dinner on the dark side of the moon
And as her comet leaves trails by stars not yet named
Can we dance the distance of a light year in this quatrain
Like we did the last time
The only time
The time I remember whenever solar flares play like rushing water
And create their own columns and walls for a planet’s art to reside
The time when I remember it was so pure
And my eyes did not burn away from looking at the Sun’s reflection in your craters
In you
We were receptive to each other
A pulsar I remember so clear your waves years later
Becasue heavenly bodies are designed for such impressions
Therefore my confession is also remembered too
I neglected to say
I respected the time the Lord gave for us to shine
But I wanted so much more
I beckon from this ground with a lowly telescope
Can there be another time
When this memory comes around
And instead of me looking for the eclipse of her smile to surround
I would behold in life a star lit of Your wonder
And envoke heaven’s landing
Of the eclipse remembered and this prayer answered.